Location and Accommodation


The conference takes place on the top floor, Lenéestraße 6, 53113 Bonn. The same building also hosts the Language Learning Center (SLZ) and the Goethe-Institut Bonn. The location lies in walking distance to the main station, the canteen, the city and the historic main building of the University, as well as the Rhine river.


Mercedes Hotel

Directly across from the conference venue lies Mercedes Hotel. Single rooms can be booked at a rate 62€ per night, double rooms cost 92€ per night. If you book a room in this hotel, please refer to the keyword „Myanmar Konferenz“.

Hotel Eden

Also very close and with a beautiful view of the “Hofgarten” is Hotel Eden. It is just 120m walking distance to our venue. Here, single rooms come at a rate of 95 € per night. If you book before the first of May, please refer to “Myanmar Konferenz”.

Phone: (0228) 2 89 7 1-0

Max Hostel

Max Hostel is located in a side street in the bustling historical „Altstadt“. They offer beds in dorms starting at 20€ per night.

Hotel Aigner

Hotel Aigner is a comfortable Hotel in the historical part of town (Altstadt). Rates start at a price of 70€ per night.


We will organize homestay for those, who cannot afford accommodation in a Hotel, or prefer more private lodgings. If you would like to participate, please notify us through the conference registration form.