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⇐Back to the program Phuong Le Trong—Ethnicity-based Narratives and Identity Politics Ethnicity-based Narratives and Identity Politics Since the beginnings of the political transition in Myanmar, the stronghold of the political structure is increasingly faced with a plurality of opinions and debates. There have been signs raising the question of the […]

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⇐Back to the program Felix Girke—A Perpetually Closing Window: Temporalising Yangon in Coffee-Table Books Over the last few years, several expensive, glossy, and professionally produced coffee-table books have been published that present the city of Yangon alongside interpretations of its urban dynamics. In these coffee-table books, Yangon is presented as […]

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⇐Back to the program Madlen Krüger—Narrating the Other: Buddhist-Chrisitan Dialogue in Myanmar as a „Contact Zone“ in Constructing Religious Identity The rising tensions between different religious groups in Myanmar, particularly after 2012, has interfaith dialogue established as a tool to negotiate and build peace and harmony between religions. Ever since […]

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